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Why choose ALIS Technology for IT services in Chicago?

Top-tier IT solutions ensuring efficient operations and delivering exceptional service quality for businesses.

Comprehensive data backup and recovery methods that protect critical business information from potential disruptions.

Leading IT company providing premier, proactive IT support and solutions with fast, reliable response times.

Seamless cloud services delivering cost-effective, scalable solutions for business growth and flexibility.

Advanced cybersecurity services safeguarding your sensitive data against emerging threats and data breaches.

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About ALIS Technology

ALIS Technology offers specialized, reliable IT services for businesses and enterprises, ensuring streamlined operations, data security, and continuous support.


Expert Services From Our IT Company in Chicago

Complete IT Management

Comprehensive IT management to streamline operations, reduce downtime, and boost overall productivity seamlessly.

Scalable Cloud Solutions

Secure, flexible cloud services tailored to enhance your business’s operational efficiency and growth.

Robust Data Protection

Reliable data backup and recovery solutions that safeguard your critical information against any disruptions.

IT Company in Chicago, Illinois

Upgrade Your IT With Cutting-Edge Solutions From a Leading IT Company in Chicago

Discover IT solutions from Alis Technology, ensuring innovation, efficiency, and reliability for your business.

IT Support

Responsive IT support ensuring quick resolution of issues and minimal downtime

IT Consulting

Tailored IT consulting services to align technology with your business goals

Website Design

Engaging, brand-consistent websites designed to elevate your online presence and captivate your audience.

24/7 Service

Quick IT support available 24/7, ensuring your business stays up and running smoothly

Security Risk Analysis

Detailed security assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure

Network Management

Expert network management ensuring optimal performance and continuous monitoring for any issues

Virtual IT Assistance

Reliable remote assistance to resolve issues quickly and keep your systems running smoothly.

IT Management

Robust platform allowing teams to plan, execute, and track IT projects with ease and efficiency

Data Management

Advanced data management solutions ensuring secure storage, backup, and quick recovery of critical information

The Stats That Make The Difference!


network uptime, ensuring uninterrupted IT services.


years of expertise demonstrating industry reliability.


security assessments completed to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Expert Services From Our IT Company in Chicago

Secure and Reliable IT Company in Chicago

ALIS Technology offers a comprehensive suite of IT services, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business functions.

With over 20 years of experience, we ensure operational efficiency through managed IT services, advanced cybersecurity measures, and continuous network monitoring.

A staggering 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of falling victim to a cyberattack. We mitigate this threat with our advanced cybersecurity services, including continuous monitoring and proactive threat detection.

Our comprehensive security assessments and tailored protection plans ensure that you’re safeguarded against potential cyber threats, maintaining operational integrity and financial stability.

ALIS Technology

IT Consulting Service Company in Chicago

222 W Ontario St Ste 230,
Chicago, IL 60654

Transform Your IT Experience

Explore our comprehensive IT management, ensuring minimal downtime and top-tier cybersecurity.

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Explore the diverse range of IT offerings we have and decide on the best fit for your business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We offer strategic IT consulting for facility development, optimizing IT infrastructure for maximum operational performance.

Our consulting services ensure that your IT setup aligns with your business goals and regulatory requirements. We provide comprehensive planning and implementation support to help you achieve a robust and scalable IT environment.

We have over 20 years of experience providing comprehensive IT solutions. Our expertise spans across various industries, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and delivering reliable and secure services.

We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to deliver innovative and effective IT solutions that meet your business needs.

Yes, we provide advanced cybersecurity services to protect your data and IT infrastructure from potential threats.

Our services include security assessments, continuous monitoring, and proactive measures to ensure your business remains secure. We stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity trends and technologies to offer the best protection against cyber threats.

We offer secure, scalable cloud solutions tailored to your business needs. Our cloud services include data backup and recovery, cloud migration, and ongoing management to ensure seamless operations and enhanced flexibility.

The global cloud solutions market is projected to grow by 15%, reaching USD 1200 billion by 2028. We help you leverage the rapidly growing power of the cloud to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and support business growth.

We provide comprehensive data management solutions, including secure data backup and recovery services. Our robust systems ensure that your critical information is protected against disruptions, with quick recovery options to minimize downtime.

We utilize the latest technologies and best practices to maintain data integrity and availability, ensuring business continuity.

Achieve Excellence with Premier Chicago IT Company

Ensure scalability and flexibility with IT infrastructure designed to grow with your business needs.

Improve communication efficiency and reduce costs with advanced VoIP telephony solutions.

Detect and address issues proactively to ensure uninterrupted functionality with continuous system monitoring.

Empower your team with the latest technology skills through comprehensive IT training and support.

Expand your company’s online presence and drive sales growth with robust eCommerce platforms.

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