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See At Least 5% Cost Savings With Our New York IT Outsourcing Services

Why choose ALIS for IT outsourcing services?

Support your remote employees in every time zone by counting on our 24/7 IT support availability.

Enjoy 1 month of free IT services when you sign up for a 36-month IT outsourcing contract.

Rely on over 40 years of combined experience to find the best IT solutions for your specific needs.

Ensure all of our recommendations meet your standards because we follow up after every support interaction.

Discover how and why we earn a 98.9% satisfaction rating when clients choose us as their outsourced team.

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About ALIS Technology

ALIS Technology specializes in advanced IT services. We build robust networks for organizations of any size and complexity.


Enhance Everything You Do With New York IT Outsourcing

Reduce Costs

50% of companies who outsource IT enjoy cost reductions of 25%. ALIS Technology guarantees that you’ll see a 5% savings minimum, but likely more!

Streamline Business Processes

Our unique scoping process and responsive service streamline workflows, enhance communication, and improve response times, making your business processes more efficient.

Green IT Solutions

ALIS Technology champions eco-friendly IT solutions. We design and implement green data centers that significantly reduce power consumption and cooling costs.

New York IT Outsourcing

Featured IT Outsourcing Services in New York

Choose our outsourcing model for all your hardware, software, security, and communication needs!

Managed IT

Save valuable time each workday by letting us manage your IT, you can complete more projects and accelerate growth.

IT Support

Enhance your operations by having us revisit resolved issues to ensure consistent quality in your IT support.

Cloud Computing

Boost your efficiency with ALIS Technology’s cloud services, tailored to secure and stabilize your business system.


Protect your business with our comprehensive security assessment, designed to identify system vulnerabilities so we can recommend solutions.

Project Management

Enhance project success with our detailed road maps, timely delivery, and customized reporting for effective progress tracking.

Network Monitoring

Optimize your network with ALIS’s 24/7 monitoring and management preventing issues before they escalate.

Web Development

Boost your online presence with custom website design, consistent branding, and scalable hosting plans backed by exceptional support.

Hosted VoIP

Transform your communications with our hosted VoIP, featuring advanced IP phone capabilities, cost savings, and virtual workforce support.

Disaster Recovery

Secure your critical data with our comprehensive backup service and maintain operations with our detailed disaster recovery planning.

Why We’re a Trusted IT Outsourcing Company


Years of experience serving clients and enhancing processes.

30 Min.

Average resolution time and 60-minute guaranteed resolution time.


IT network uptime guaranteed across all endpoints.

New York IT Outsourcing

Partner With a New York IT Outsourcing Firm That Puts Your Needs First

78% of businesses worldwide face significant challenges due to insufficient in-house IT resources. When your IT resources fall short, your business operations suffer, leading to productivity loss and potential security risks.

At ALIS Technology, we address these challenges head-on. Through a detailed 7-day onboarding process, our team learns the unique ways you work.

This ensures every solution we recommend integrates seamlessly into your daily operations, enhancing efficiency and security.

After onboarding is complete, we provide continuous support tailored to your evolving needs. Our goal is to ensure that our solutions always fit your business model.

ALIS Technology

IT Outsourcing Firm in New York, NY

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Save Time & Money By Outsourcing IT in New York

Offload all your tedious tech tasks to outsourced IT experts so you can spend more time and resources on your core business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IT outsourcing will not replace your in-house team unless you want it to. Instead, it supplements your existing workforce.

By outsourcing, you can access specialized skills and advanced technology that may be too costly or impractical to develop internally. This strategy allows your in-house team to focus on core business activities while outsourced professionals handle specific tasks or projects.

Small businesses are not too small for IT outsourcing. In fact, outsourcing IT functions can be highly beneficial for small businesses.

It allows them to access expert skills and advanced technology without the high costs associated with maintaining an in-house IT team. This approach can help small businesses focus on their core activities while gaining competitive advantages from efficient IT systems.

We charge a monthly flat fee, not hourly rates. Our subscription-based service level agreement (SLA) ensures predictable billing and continuous support for all our clients.

We employ a 100% U.S.-based workforce at ALIS Technology. Despite this, we provide 24/7 service, so we can support your company’s overseas employees effectively.

ALIS originated in healthcare technology, making us well-versed in HIPAA standards. We can easily adapt to other compliance standards your business requires. Our expertise allows us to assist in maintaining regulatory compliance across various industries.

Start With Your Free 30-Minute Assessment For New York IT Outsourcing

Comprehensiveness: We assess all physical, technical, and disaster recovery protocols to safeguard your operations.

Certified Helpdesk: Our Microsoft-certified experts provide professional support and advanced solutions 24/7.

Network Optimization: We ensure peak performance with Cat 6 and fibre connectivity for seamless operations.

Hosted Email: ALIS Technology offers 24/7 Microsoft Exchange-based email hosting with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Logging & Monitoring: Our detailed vulnerability analysis and documentation will strengthen your system’s security.

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