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Why choose ALIS Technology for cybersecurity?

Prevent network issues from escalating thanks to our 24/7 continuous monitoring and threat response.

Enhance your security posture by asking our security experts about the best solutions for your specific needs.

Respond to threats quickly since our support team answers within 30 minutes on average and under an hour guaranteed.

Assess your potential security risks before you sign a contract with a free 30-minute IT assessment.

Try our NYC cybersecurity services for 1 month risk-free when you sign up for a 36-month contract.

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About ALIS Technology

ALIS Technology provides tailored security solutions to protect your systems. We ensure cost-effectiveness and continuous compliance through regular audits.


Count on New York Cybersecurity Experts to Keep Your IT Safe

Real-Time Protection

Catch developing cyber attacks before they escalate into disasters. ALIS provides real-time threat detection and remediation.

Reduce Cyber Risks

ALIS performs monthly IT audits to ensure that your system is always free from vulnerabilities. Count on us to catch security gaps before hackers.

Prevent Phishing Attacks

41% of cyber threats are from phishing. Reduce your risk with phishing awareness training and secure email hosting from ALIS.

New York Cybersecurity Services

Our Featured Cybersecurity Services in New York

If your business operates at all hours, our IT security operates 24/7 too!

Many small business leaders are left responsible for cybersecurity even though it’s not their main duty.

As a result, security gaps may be left open since leaders are too busy to give cybersecurity their full attention.

When you outsource security to ALIS Technology, you’ll get a fully dedicated security team. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about missing any small details that could create big risks.

Emerging threats can dwell on your network for weeks without your knowledge. Worse yet, these threats can compromise third parties connected to your network while undetected.

Instead of letting threats dwell, trust ALIS Technology to provide 24/7 network monitoring.

Our team will consistently watch your network and spring into action the moment we notice unusual activity.

1 in 3 American employees connect a personal device to their business network. Personal devices are more difficult to control than corporate-issued ones, yet a threat on any endpoint could compromise your whole network.

With ALIS Technology, endpoint threats begin and end at that endpoint.

We’ll isolate threats from your network and remediate them before they spread.

Vulnerability scans cannot be treated as “one-and-done.” Security vulnerabilities evolve as quickly as technology.

That’s why ALIS Technology provides monthly IT assessments. We’ll regularly analyze your systems to ensure no new vulnerabilities have appeared.

If found, our team can also do the work involved in patching any issues.

Phishing attacks are increasingly difficult to spot. As hackers become more sophisticated in their methods, phishing emails are increasingly more disguised.

ALIS Technology offers phishing training to help your team be prepared.

Additionally, we offer a hosted email service that can help reduce the number of suspicious emails in your employees’ inboxes.

Why Clients Choose Our New York IT Security Company


Average client satisfaction rating across 5,500+ end-users.


IT network uptime guarantee across all devices.


Computers secured by ALIS Technology’s experts.

New York Cybersecurity

Enterprise-Grade New York Cybersecurity Available to SMBs

Many SMBs neglect cybersecurity measures due to budget constraints and a misconception that they’re too small to be a target.

In fact, only 8% of small businesses have a dedicated cybersecurity budget despite the fact that 73% of SMB leaders report being attacked within the past year.

There’s no reason for your small business to break the bank to access the cybersecurity that you need. ALIS Technology offers high-end cyber services at a simple, flat-rate that’s accessible to businesses of any size.

Simply tell us about your IT security needs and we’ll tailor the perfect plan to protect your business operations at a rate you can afford!

ALIS Technology

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Expect More From New York Cybersecurity

Expect tailored security measures that truly make sense for how your business operates. No one-size-fits-all solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ALIS Technology offers robust security solutions for mobile devices connected to any current client’s network. This includes comprehensive mobile device management services, which help in monitoring, managing, and securing mobile devices.

By utilizing these services, clients can ensure that their mobile devices are protected against unauthorized access and potential security threats.

Using the same password across accounts is risky because if one account gets hacked, all other accounts using the same password are also at risk.

Hackers often use stolen passwords to try accessing other accounts, increasing the potential for damage. It’s safer to use different passwords for different accounts to protect your personal information.

Hackers target small businesses because they often have weaker cybersecurity measures, making them easier targets.

Nevertheless, small businesses still also hold valuable data like customer information, financial records, and intellectual property.

ALIS Technology provides cyber awareness training as part of our IT security training program. This training equips employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect company assets and data effectively.

You can get help by calling us at 929-512-5126 or by emailing info@alistechnology.com. If you are already an ALIS client, you can use these contacts for technical assistance.

If you are not a client, you can use the same details to start your onboarding process.

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Secure Cloud Solutions: ALIS enhances security with customizable, cost-effective cloud solutions.

HIPAA Compliance: ALIS ensures healthcare data integrity with robust HIPAA compliance measures.

Disaster Recovery: Establish resilient disaster recovery solutions that ensure business continuity.

Dark Web Monitoring: Protect yourself and your clients from identity theft with proactive dark web monitoring.

Secure Billing: Implement reliable encrypted billing systems to enhance financial transaction security.

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