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Why choose ALIS Technology for managed IT in Chicago?

Ensure your IT network stays secure thanks to our dedicated team’s diligent 24/7 monitoring

See if we’re the right fit for you before you sign any contracts with a free 30-minute consultation

Gain peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a HIPAA-compliant partner

Work with an established Chicago managed IT service provider who has been in business for over 20 years

Enjoy 1 month of free service when you choose a 36-month contract for managed IT services

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About ALIS Technology

ALIS Technology provides advanced managed IT services. We’re well-equipped to build networks for businesses of all sizes, ranging from single sites to complex, multi-location enterprises.


Customized Service Offerings For Every Business

Infrastructure Management

ALIS Technology ensures your IT infrastructure stays secure and efficient. Our experts can design, implement, and maintain networks focusing on uptime and growth.

IT Helpdesk Services

ALIS delivers prompt, efficient IT helpdesk services. Our highly-trained, Microsoft-certified technicians prioritize customer service and ensure swift, effective solutions.

Green IT Solutions

ALIS provides environmentally sustainable Information technology systems. We design and implement green data centers to cut power consumption and cooling costs.

Managed IT Services in Chicago, Illinois

Featured Managed IT Services in Chicago

Explore how ALIS Technology can enhance your business operations using the power of IT.

Fully Managed IT

Let our experts take over your IT and save time each work day, allowing you to complete more projects and grow faster.

Managed Security Services

Stay secure against constantly evolving threats with the help of cybersecurity experts who will always keep your system up-to-date.

IT Support Services

Quickly hear back from our friendly support team and resolve your issues in less than 1 hour guaranteed, but under 30 minutes on average.

Proactive Monitoring

Prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems thanks to our 24/7 remote monitoring and management across your network.

Cloud Services

Avoid unexpected challenges when you migrate to the cloud by allowing our cloud experts to plan your migration and lead your way to success.

IT Consulting

Leverage strategic advice from professionals and ensure that every IT investment directly contributes to your business goals.

Phishing Prevention

Protect yourself from 41% of all cyber attacks by implementing our phishing training, prevention measures, and breach alerts.

Disaster Recovery

Recover quickly in the worst-case scenario with the help of a strong disaster recovery plan that we will plan together based on your needs.

Account Management

Trust us for full account management and a dedicated point-of-contact with services, including hardware, software, and servers.

See Why ALIS Technology Stands Out


Uptime guarantee for your cloud computing services.


Current average customer satisfaction rating.


Years of combined technology experience on our team.

Chicago managed IT service

Comprehensive IT Design & Expert Management

Companies with strong IT capabilities report a 25% increase in operational performance and a 30% increase in growth performance.

Yet keeping up with this pace is easier said than done. Many growing businesses struggle to keep their infrastructures and resources up to date in the face of rapid technology changes.

ALIS Technology can help you solve that challenge. We merge architects’ precision with general contractors’ practical skills to develop tailored IT solutions that stay resilient as your business grows.

After implementing your IT solutions, we’ll actively manage your IT systems, providing continuous updates, security enhancements, and performance optimizations.

Our expert management guarantees that your IT infrastructure consistently operates at peak efficiency.

ALIS Technology

Managed IT Service Provider in Chicago

222 W Ontario St Ste 230,
Chicago, IL 60654

Chicago Managed IT For Any SMB

Enhance your technology infrastructure and boost data protection with an IT partner who puts small business needs first.

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Our Other IT Services in Chicago

ALIS Technology offers more than managed IT. Explore our wide range of technology solutions in Chicago!

Frequently Asked Questions

ALIS Technology is willing to work with clients in any industry. While we have extensive experience with healthcare providers, we are happy to take managed IT clients in other industries.

If anything, our experience with the healthcare industry shows that we pay keen attention to cybersecurity and are well-equipped to work with clients in any highly regulated industry.

Although it’s common for smaller businesses to hire a managed IT service provider in lieu of an IT department, that’s not the only way you can use managed IT services.

ALIS Technology is more than willing to work alongside any of your in-house hires. We can cooperate to help your organization achieve more and to prevent burnout if your staff are overburdened.

Managed IT is a service where a company outsources its IT operations to a third-party provider. This provider manages and assumes responsibility for the IT services, including 24/7 monitoring, IT system management, and problem resolution.

On the other hand, IT support generally involves specific services that support day-to-day operations, such as troubleshooting, maintenance, and user assistance.

IT support may be part of managed IT services but can also be a standalone offering.In the case of ALIS Technology, we offer IT support as part of our managed IT services deal.

If your business has grown enough to have an extensive IT network, you’re large enough for managed IT services. In fact, smaller businesses are usually the ideal candidate for a managed IT service. That’s because smaller businesses are less likely to have the budget to maintain an in-house IT department, even if they need the capabilities of one.

If you suspect a cyber breach on your network, ALIS Technology can perform an in-depth analysis to determine if an attack has occurred and the extent of the damage if one is found. From there, we can provide practical guidance and assistance on what your next steps should be to contain the threat and mitigate any damage.

Ready to Boost Your Business With Chicago Managed IT?

Hosted Email: ALIS Technology provides secure, Microsoft Exchange-based email hosting with 24/7 support and a 100% uptime guarantee.

Network Optimization: ALIS Technology ensures optimal network performance through Cat 6 and fibre connectivity.

Data Backup: ALIS Technology automates critical data backups from servers, desktops, and laptops to our secure center.

Cloud Maintenance: We customize solutions to secure and maintain your system’s health over the Internet, ensuring reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Monthly IT Health Reports: ALIS Technology provides proactive monitoring and customized performance insights based on key findings.

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