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Managed IT Services

We Customize For Each Center

ALIS Technology is a full-service provider of Managed IT Services. ALIS builds state-of-the-art networks for all healthcare providers of various complexities, from a stand-alone site to an enterprise involving multiple locations.


  • Infrastructure Consulting
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Security
  • Help Desk Services
  • Network Assessment
  • Green IT Solutions

ALIS focuses on keeping your network infrastructure secure and stable. Our network consultants provide complete high-end Network Design, Implementation, and Maintenance. ALIS builds network with uptime, security and growth in mind.

Our mission is to manage systems, not react. ALIS provides 24/7 monitoring and network troubleshooting. By identifying network issues before they become problems, we can save you significant time and money.

At ALIS, we can assist in designing and implementing cost-effective security solutions incorporating the latest protective software. We continuously audit your system to make sure it remains secure and HIPAA compliant.

ALIS provides prompt, efficient support to our clients. Our technicians are highly-trained, Microsoft certified and customer-focused.

Alis conducts a comprehensive audit of your existing infrastructure to identify hardware and software issues that impede your center’s operation and network performances.

ALIS Technology provides environmentally sustainable Information and Communication Technology Systems. Our services address energy efficiency concerns while meeting the technology challenges to enable your company to maintain a competitive advantage. The design and implementation of green data centers reduce power consumption and cooling costs.

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“ALIS Healthcare IT helped improve my healthcare efficiency.”

— Client, Regent Surgical Health