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Why choose ALIS Technology for IT helpdesk services in Chicago?

Always have tech experts at your side thanks to our IT support desk’s 24/7 service availability.

Reduce operating costs by augmenting your in-house team with our seasoned IT professionals.

Prevent operational disruptions with our 99.9% network uptime guarantee and 100% hosted email uptime guarantee.

Enjoy 1 month of free tech services when you choose a 36-month IT service outsourcing contract.

Get a free 30-minute consultation to see if our IT outsourcing services are right for you!

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About ALIS Technology

ALIS Technology optimizes tech solutions for SMBs with the goal of enhancing growth and productivity. All of our services are customized to reduce costs and streamline operations.


What Are The Benefits of IT Outsourcing in Chicago?

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing IT services helps reduce costs by utilizing the scale and efficiency of external providers. This approach can reduce spending by anywhere between 60% to 90%.

Access to Expertise

Outsourcing connects you to specialized IT professionals. These experts bring skills and knowledge that are up-to-date with industry standards.

Access to Advanced Tech

Outsourcing gives you access to the latest technology without major upfront investments, allowing you to stay technologically competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.

IT Outsourcing in Chicago

Our IT Outsourcing Services in Chicago

Discover which IT services you can outsource to ALIS to achieve cost savings and streamlined business processes!

Managed IT

Let our experts manage your IT to streamline your daily operations. This will allow you to complete more projects and accelerate growth.

IT Support

Enhance productivity with our rapid IT support, 60-minute or less resolution guarantee, and thorough follow-ups to ensure lasting results.


Secure your business operations with our comprehensive security services identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing system protection.

IT Consulting

Maximize your IT investments with strategic advice from our professionals, ensuring every decision aligns with your long-term business goals.

Project Management

Optimize your budget and business processes by allowing us to manage your IT project in a way that ensures timely and effective completion.

Network Monitoring

Enjoy 99.9% uptime and enhanced security with our 24/7 network and server monitoring services keeping your operations smooth and secure.

Cloud Computing

Reduce costs and customize your tech with our cloud computing services, tailored to meet your business’s diverse needs.

Hosted VoIP

Simplify communication with our hosted VoIP services that offer advanced IP phone features and support for virtual workforces.

Web Development

Boost your revenue and engage your target audience with our web development team creating sleek, easy-to-navigate designs.

See Why ALIS Technology Stands Out


Average client satisfaction rating across 25+ different companies.

30 Min.

Average support response time or less when you need assistance.


Years of combined experience across our IT outsourcing teams.

IT Outsourcing Firm in Chicago

Tailor Your Information Technology to Your Unique Goals

Every business is unique, which means that technology needs vary greatly.

42% of business owners acknowledge that they don’t fully leverage their IT tools. This often results from not fully understanding how to utilize these resources effectively.

Given how varied technology strategies can be, it’s no wonder this gap exists!

Outsourcing to ALIS Technology ensures that you maximize the use of your IT assets.

We start our relationship with a thorough needs analysis, allowing us to understand your specific requirements. Based on our findings, we outline clear, actionable next steps.

This personalized approach ensures that all IT services align with your operational needs, helping you fully leverage your technology investments.

ALIS Technology

IT Outsourcing Firm in Chicago

222 W Ontario St Ste 230,
Chicago, IL 60654

It’s Time to Outsource IT in Chicago

Discover why our services will enhance cost-effectiveness while also improving operational processes.

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Our Other IT Services in Chicago

Go beyond general IT outsourcing and explore our tailored services in Chicago!

Frequently Asked Questions

ALIS Technology does not outsource people from overseas. All of our technicians are based in the U.S.

However, our capability to offer 24/7 services makes us an ideal match for companies that need IT services for employees working in various time zones.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to get the right support. Share your business goals with us, and let our team handle the rest. We combine technical expertise and business acumen to create solutions that meet your needs.

Simply tell us what you aim to achieve, and we’ll find technology solutions that align with your objectives.

Switching to ALIS Technology is straightforward. We can’t control your current provider’s offboarding process, but our onboarding process is designed to minimize disruptions.

You might experience brief interruptions as we install new software, but beyond that, the transition should be smooth. We’re prepared to handle any challenges that may arise during the switch.

ALIS Technology can assist with your IT upgrades.

We prioritize optimizing your current systems to save you time and money. Therefore, we recommend an upgrade only when it’s clear that your existing setup can’t meet your needs.

In that situation, we’ll guide you in selecting and implementing the most suitable new technology.

You don’t need to be a large company to outsource IT services. Smaller businesses often benefit the most from our services, especially if you’re not ready to hire a full IT department.

Outsourcing IT can be a smart investment as it helps drive better business results through technology. Just be prepared to invest in solutions that enhance your operations.

Trust ALIS for a Wide Range of IT Outsourcing Services in Chicago

Network & Firewall Setup: Leverage the network security expertise that protects 182 business servers.

Helpdesk Support: Access prompt, efficient support from our Microsoft-certified, customer-focused technicians to enhance your operations.

Web Hosting: Our tailored web hosting plans ensure your site consistently meets world-class standards for reliability and performance.

HIPAA Expertise: Ensure compliance with our comprehensive HIPAA audits, helping you easily meet stringent legal requirements.

Effective Onboarding: Enjoy a simple 7-day onboarding process that ensures we deeply understand your needs while ensuring time efficiency.

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