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Online Scheduling and e-Visits

ALIS Technology created an online healthcare platform to connect providers and patients.

DocCare Online has been established to provide a proprietary, secure healthcare communications portal for physicians and patients. DocCare’s innovative web-based technology provides the opportunity for patients and doctors to video chat via computer.

Consumers continue to take time away from busy schedules to visit physician offices for appointments that can be addressed online. With Affordable Care Act (ACA), there is more focus on patient preventive care. Physicians are already busy with daily office visits, patient’s charts and insurance issues. Patients feel they don’t get the care they deserve.

DocCare Online allows patients to connect with the doctor of their choice and at a convenient time. This service allows doctors and patients to manage care more efficiently as it integrates key functionality, including scheduling, billing and patient record management, all done online. Our goal is to help patients reach their physicians from the convenience and comfort of their home, office or anywhere.


Key features of DocCare online:

  • Online in clinic appointment scheduling
  • Online secure video appointments for preventive care
  • Online billing
  • Online patient medical history database
  • Search and review doctor

DocCare gives you a secure healthcare communication portal

DocCare Online 2

There are options for both physicians and patients

DocCare 3

Let patients connect with the doctor of their choice at a convenient time

DocCare Online