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Why choose ALIS Technology for IT consulting services?

Save 5% on your IT budget by asking our IT consultants how you can optimize your technology.

Leverage our 40+ years of combined technical expertise to help you make informed IT decisions for your business.

Reduce your risk of IT issues thanks to our 24/7 IT support availability and network monitoring.

Make cloud computing work for you with the help of a team that has managed over 182 other servers.

Drive long-term results by choosing a top IT consultancy that always puts your unique needs first.

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About ALIS Technology

ALIS Technology specializes in IT consulting that focuses on client needs. We assess pain points, prepare clear proposals, and offer tailored services for fixed prices.


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IT Roadmapping

Keep everyone at your business on the same page with your IT strategy and ensure you can drive more results in less time.

Data Breach Prevention

Reduce your cyber risks by letting our team assess your security systems and recommend ways you can enhance them.

IT Management Consulting

Discover new, practical ways to manage your IT infrastructure using key insights from our expert consultants.

New York IT Consultants

Comprehensive New York IT Consulting

Explore some of our featured IT consulting services and contact us for more!

Moving your business to the cloud can introduce new IT problems. Even small cloud projects need constant monitoring to stay secure and run smoothly.

This added pressure can pull your attention away from your main business goals.

ALIS Technology offers affordable solutions that are completely online and custom-fit to your specific needs. You can be sure your systems will stay safe and perform well.

Our services also make it easy to scale and adapt as your business grows, helping you avoid common tech hurdles.

Managing a project often involves juggling various elements, which can lead to missed deadlines and misaligned goals.

Without a clear road map, staying on track and meeting your strategic objectives becomes challenging.

At ALIS Technology, we excel in project planning. We provide detailed road maps that ensure timely and effective project execution.

Additionally, we offer customized reporting to give you tailored insights. These reports empower you to make informed decisions and track progress effectively.

Keeping up with the rapid pace of technological change is a major challenge for many businesses.

Integrating new technologies effectively is crucial for staying competitive and improving operational efficiency.

At ALIS Technology, we provide expert technology consulting services. Our team is deeply knowledgeable about the latest technology trends and innovations.

We offer guidance on integrating these technologies into your business operations, ensuring they align with your strategic goals for smooth functionality and enhanced performance.

Developing a facility requires careful consideration of IT service placement to ensure efficiency and functionality.

ALIS Technology can provide consulting services during facility development. Our IT expertise helps architects and engineers design spaces that seamlessly incorporate IT services.

We focus on improving the overall user experience. By strategically placing IT equipment and services, we ensure that anyone entering the facility has a smooth and positive experience from start to finish.

Maintaining a secure and stable network infrastructure is critical for any organization. Without robust network design and proactive management, your operations can face disruptions and security vulnerabilities.

At ALIS Technology, our network consultants specialize in crafting high-end network solutions.

We focus on design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance to ensure your network remains secure, stable, and ready to handle growth.

Why ALIS Over Other IT Consulting Companies?


Years of experience as a full-time IT consulting company


Average client satisfaction rating across 5,500+ end-users.


Information technology network uptime guarantee.

New York IT Consulting Firm

Ask a New York IT Consulting Firm About Your Needs

97% of employees report that they can see workflow improvements when technology strategies are aligned with key business goals.

Yet, only 41% of IT teams feel that their organization is achieving this alignment.

If your business and IT strategies seem in flux, expert IT consultants from ALIS Technology can help. We’ll get to know your needs so we can work with you to establish an IT roadmap that meets them.

This way, you can avoid wasting money on solutions that don’t work. Additionally, you’ll be able to meet your goals sooner without distractions from unneeded IT processes.

Even if you don’t know technology well, you certainly know your business needs. Tell our IT consultants about them and we’ll take it from there!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might need IT consulting services in the following situations:

  • Your current team struggles with complex IT challenges.
  • You aim to enhance efficiency or adopt new technologies.
  • Your IT projects consistently miss deadlines or go over budget.
  • You are planning to scale your business and require specialized knowledge.

Or, you may simply want to consult outsourced IT experts to learn more about the current digital landscape.

ALIS Technology isn’t primarily an AI firm. However, our IT consultants are highly knowledgeable about emerging tech trends and can certainly tell you what they know about AI.

All you need to do is tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll research the AI tools that could possibly help you!

IT consulting involves analyzing and developing strategies to meet a business’s technology needs. This includes system design, implementation, and enhancing efficiency. Consultants provide expert advice to tailor tech solutions to specific business goals.

In contrast, IT support focuses on maintaining and troubleshooting technology infrastructure. Support teams handle hardware and software issues, offer technical assistance, and ensure systems operate smoothly.

IT consulting involves experts providing guidance on how to use information technology to meet business objectives or overcome problems.

The process starts with analyzing the current IT setup and identifying areas for improvement. Consultants then plan and implement solutions that align with the company’s goals.

They often help with new technology integration, system upgrades, and optimizing operations. IT consultants also provide training and ongoing support to ensure the technology is used effectively.

Outsourcing IT consultants can be beneficial even when you have in-house tech professionals because consultants bring specialized expertise and fresh perspectives specifically tailored to unique challenges or projects.

This approach allows your team to tackle complex issues more effectively and can enhance your company’s overall technological capabilities.

Do More With Your Digital Assets With New York IT Consulting

Upgrade With Ease: Procure the best IT solutions for your business needs thanks to our consultants’ expertise.

Maintain Compliance: Be sure that all new IT solutions are implemented and managed within HIPAA standards.

Resolve Issues Quickly: The ALIS team can resolve most IT issues in less than 30 minutes with a guarantee of less than an hour.

Meet Your Needs: Our streamlined 7-day onboarding processes ensure that we know your business operations well.

Start Today Risk-Free: Get 1 month of free service when you choose a 36-month IT consulting contract.

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